The concept of genital hygiene is a broad term that includes hygiene behaviors and care practices that protect from genital infections, maintain physical integrity and improve health. Most women face this problem at least once in their lifetime. Ensuring hygiene in genital area is very important in protecting and improving women’s health.

Why are women prone to genital infections?

The genital area is a warm, moist and sensitive area. It is also anatomically and physiologically more prone to infections. Due to the anatomical structure of women, the urethral meatus, anus and vagina are close to each other and the urethra is short. Therefore, microorganisms are more easily transported to the vagina and urethra and may cause urogenital infections.

The importance of genital hygiene

In cases where genital hygiene is not provided, microorganisms multiply rapidly in this region and cause reproductive system infections. When these infections are not treated, they can cause many health problems. In particular, the susceptibility to infection in this region is increasing due to the lack of knowledge and misbehavior about it.

Symptoms of genital infection

  •  Bad odor in the genital area
  •  Increase in the amount of vaginal discharge
  •  Change in color of vaginal discharge
  •  Itching

How is genital hygiene ensured?

The most important step to prevent genital infections is to provide it and to gain genital hygiene behaviors. Women, to ensure genital area hygiene;

  • Hands should be washed before and after using the toilet.
  • The genital area should be cleaned with clean water from front to back.
  • The genital area should be kept clean and dry.
  • Take a standing shower rather than sitting or bathing in the tub.
  • If possible, toilets should not be used in public places.
  • Vaginal douching should be avoided to preserve the vaginal flora.
  • Substances that may cause allergic reactions such as deodorant, spray, perfume, the powder should not be used in cleaning the genital area.
  • Cotton underclothes should be used to provide ventilation of the genital area.
  • Hot water and soap should be preferred for cleaning underclothes.
  • Well-rinsed ironed and non-squeezing cotton underclothes should be preferred and underclothes should be changed every day.

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