Terms Of Use

Your use, visit of www.yesilhealth.com, Yesil Health and other products that provide service under www.yesilhealth.com (together “Yesil Health”) and your membership to Yesil Health are subject to the terms under Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  1. Yesil Health is an application designed as secondary support to provide you with predictive results on your possible diseases by analyzing symptoms through artificial intelligence and in this context, preferably to help you turn to the hospital department you need to go to without wasting time.
  2. The recommendations given by Yesil Health are in no way a substitute for medical advice or intervention. The user can only make the final decision about his health after meeting with a specialist physician. Yesil Health should never be used as a substitute for the advice of any specialist physician. Yesil Health does not provide any advice that would distract its users from the opinion of a specialist.
  3. Yesil Health cannot in any way be held liable for any damage to users. Every user who accepts these Terms of Use accepts and declares that they understands that Yesil Health does not replace medical advice, intervention, specialist physician opinion.
  4. Please apply to your specialist physician immediately after any emergency health situation. Yesil Health cannot be used in any way for emergency healthcare situations.
  5. You must be 18 and above for using Yesil Health
  6. By using, visiting and signing up to Yesil Health, you hereby accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  7. It is mandatory to sign up for using Yesil Health. However, for visiting you don’t need to sign up to Yesil Health.
  8. For signing up to Yesil Health, it will be sufficient to click on “Sign Up” button and fill in your name, surname, address, password and other information that may be required or to register to the system with your Google or Facebook account.
  9. You may sign up to Yesil Health using one of your Google or Facebook accounts. You hereby allow Yesil Health to access to information such as name, surname, e-mail address and profile photos in the account that you sign up with.
  10. You may cancel your Yesil Health membership at any time. You cannot re-activate your membership account after you cancel membership.
  11. Yesil Health gives you free analysis rights for the first time you use the app. The free analysis right is one-time, but does not provide any refund to the user. The free analysis right is used up and cannot be redefined on the same device. Each membership can only be analyzed once for free. Yesil Health reserves the right to unilaterally revoke the free analysis right at any time. The user cannot claim any vested rights.
  12. Memberships that violate or act to violate the rules of free analysis right are immediately suspended and their memberships are irrevocably canceled. Device information belonging to members who violate or act to violate the free analysis right rules are blocked so that they cannot benefit from Yesil Health and any Yesil Science initiative again. You can contact us at info@Yesil Health.com for the claim that your membership has been unfairly suspended in this regard. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
  13. All contents including photographs, description, method, code, software, operation, design, logo, image, text and Yesil Health brand and the Yesil Health.com domain, sub domains and all intellectual and industrial property rights related to all pages belong to YESIL SCIENCE TEKNOLOJI LTD.STI. that Yesil Health belongs to (“us”, “we”, “our”) or the licenses related to the use thereof were taken from the owners of the rights in accordance with the law. Therefore; the said contents cannot be used, published, processed, reproduced, distributed, benefitted through representation, publicized using devices for transmitting sign, audio and/or images without taking our written consent. Otherwise, we reserve the rights to commence all legal and penal processes and make any claims.
  14. By accepting to use Yesil Health, you agree that you will not damage the Yesil Health application electronically in any way, that you will not prevent the application from running, that you will not prevent other users from using the products and services, and that you will not expose the application to any attack in the informatics environment.
  15. While we show great effort in order to prevent Yesil Health from containing any viruses and other harmful content and we shall have no responsible from any damage to your devices or software and any other damage you may incur in the event that you face technical issues or your devices being exposed to viruses or you incur any damage for any other reason. We suggest that you take the necessary precautions in order not to incur these damages.
  16. We shall have no responsibility in the event of any data loss with no regards to the cause thereof.  It is your responsibility to reenter the lost datas. Therefore; we suggest that you take your own precautions in order to protect your data.
  17. We may change, temporarily or permanently terminate Yesil Health, product and service structure in Yesil Health at any times without notifying you in advance.
  18. We give importance to the continuity of the publication of the content, service, opportunity and other elements in Yesil Health. However, we do not guarantee that the publication and / or the services provided through Yesil Health will be uninterrupted.
  19. If you wish to be notified about what’s new, campaigns and advertisement and announcements on other matters in Yesil Health, you may subscribe to or un-subscribe from the e-mail newsletters from “Setting” tab by accessing your Yesil Health membership account.
  20. We will show maximum diligence regarding safekeeping your data. However, we shall have no responsibility in the event that the system, in which your data are maintained are unauthorized, that your information are acquired, changed or deleted by disrupting or changing the system operation.
  21. We may include information and links to the websites belonging to third persons in Yesil Health, advertisements in Yesil Health or our promotional posts. In the event that you click these links and enter other websites, this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall not be applied there to since these websites or the applications of these websites are not under our control. Therefore; we suggest that you review the terms of use and privacy policy of the websites and applications that you visit.
  22. In order to provide you with better and more personalized services, cookies, javascript codes for analysing website usage data and similar tracking data may be placed to your devices during your stay in Yesil Health. However these consist of simple text files and do not include identity and other private information.
  23. We collect the e-mail address, name and surname, company information and similar data that you directly share while using Yesil Health and maintain them for a period necessary to provide services and products. We maintain your IP address, visited pages and similar log information and similar data automatically as anonymous while you use Yesil Health. From the data that we collect automatically, we maintain your IP address as long as the legal duration and other data as long as necessary for our services.
  24. Turkish Law shall be applied in the resolution of the disputes arising from the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, and the Istanbul Central Courts and the Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction thereto.
  25. You may start to use Yesil Health as soon as you agreed these Terms of Use

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