Transportation affects our everyday lives. Although using personal vehicles provides great advantages for us, in many cases using public transportation also provides great advantages. Many people might not realize how transportation impacts their health, and how changing their transportation habits can be one of the best ways to improve their well-being. Transportation offers opportunities for individual mobility and a better quality of life.

Effect on your health

How it's effect your body and health?

The gases emitted from the exhausts of the vehicles are among the important factors that reduce the air quality. In addition to air pollution, it can also create noise pollution, and adversely affect human health. As its general effects, organs, nervous system, and blood circulation are affected. It can also lead to or worsen ailments such as lung disease, respiratory problems, heart attacks, asthma, anxiety, dizziness, and fatigue. Therefore, if we minimize the use of private vehicles, we can reduce these negative effects. At the same time, the use of electric vehicles will be very useful in reducing these negative.

The contribution of public transportation to human health is quite high. By reducing the use of private vehicles and switching to public transport, people are getting away from traffic stress. At the same time, using public transport contributes to human health by supporting physical activity.

Impact on our lives

How does transportation impact our lives?

  • It increases your physical activity. Often the only physical activity drivers may need on their commute is walking from the parking lot to their destination. Transport infrastructure can encourage regular physical activity, such as walking to a transit station or cycling on a protected bike lane.
  • Time can be saved by using public transport such as airplanes, ferries, subways and high-speed trains.
  • You can take care of other things while traveling. For example, you can do your work on the computer by using public transport, have a good time watching any movie, listen to and read audiobooks, and follow the daily news.
  • Noise from transportation; particularly airports and highways can negatively affect sleep, hearing quality, stress, and energy levels.
  • Public transport is safer. Injuries from car crashes are the leading cause of death for people younger than 25, and are the second – leading cause of death for all age groups. For this reason, we can say that using public transport is more reliable.
  • It affects air quality. Air pollution is a major cause of heart and lung diseases, including cancer, asthma, and bronchitis. Emissions from motor vehicles contribute to air pollution, so reducing the number of vehicles traveled and switching to electric vehicles can improve the air quality.

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