Why is it so important to connect with the habitat? Healthy habitat enables increased mental and physical well-being and can inspire us to be better guardians of the environment. The connection of man with the habitat is perhaps at the top of the environmental factors that shape human life. Many different conditions, including infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and mental health problems, can be explained by the link to the habitat. Even the air of the country and city we live in is among the factors that significantly affect human health.

Effect on your health

How it's effect your body and health?

Exposure to nature provides a wide range of health benefits. The unlimited number of benefits that nature provides to the human body should not be overlooked. More habitat means more opportunities to connect to nature to improve our mental and physical health and well-being. It can inspire us to conserve and protect our environment.

In addition, people who live in urban areas and crowded cities have been affected by bad environmental conditions. The natural habitats of people living in urban areas and crowded cities are affected by poor environmental conditions and deteriorating infrastructure, and these people are at high risk for many of the various health problems.

How to connect more with nature?

πŸŒ† It is in your hands to explore the nature nearby to get away from the city stress and empty your mind.

🌞 Move to green areas to get sunshine and fresh air.

🌱 Create your nature yourself. You can start growing various plants by creating your own private garden.

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Even just a little exposure to nature can improve our health and well-being. Whether in the countryside or urban areas, being outside for just two hours a week can improve your well-being.

πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ Do not forget to experience various physical activities. Canoeing, hiking, swimming, fishing, and other activities get us outside and moving.


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