Problem solving is one of the top career skills nowadays. Do you think that you are good at problem solving? Let you know! 

Problem solving skill is actually cooperation of other skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence, risk management, stress management, and communication. All those skills build your knowledge of solving. 


Solving Problems Step By Step


Define the problem

Caution! This step includes many questions. State what is the problem and what is the cause by this way determine the problem and structure it.You should define what is your goal and what barriers you encountered, it would help to specify the solving area.. After identifying the  problem, sorting causes may help. Cause may be complex and you should divide as root reasons and other reasons simply. Other reasons are probably people-driven and root reasons are system-induced. You should bring relevant data together.


Bring a matter to solution

An effective solution has more than one solution that is proper to different conditions. In these steps, teamwork is really important to advise with the components and brainstorm with your team. Evaluate the risk and manage it well. Seeking alternatives and sorting them needed conditions or short term, long term conditions are things you should do in these steps. You may list the alternatives and rank them to what matters for solutions.


Execute session

Take action! You have questioned the problem, brainstormed and listed the solution. Finally you can implement your plan with your team. Be sure that every mate understands their part and be careful to work in synchrony. This session should be designed to tolerate the mistakes during the action. 



Observe how things have been doing and get feedback.You can also check did answer the question in the first part and update them for if there are new problems.


You can apply these steps to various problems in many places. Steps can be detailed depending on the type of problem. Doing more practice and observing others how they solve problems are going to broaden your mind. 


How to improve problem solving skills?


  1. Acquire more technical knowledge in your field.
  2. Do more practice solving problems.
  3. Observe other people’s way of doing it.
  4. Get feedback from your solution.
  5. Improve your research skills.
  6. Learn how to think critical and analytical.


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