Privacy first

Our technologies serve our core values of privacy, property and security to provide people with transparent and secure solutions and products.

From day one, respect for user privacy has been a core value in all the products and services we design.

We respect your personal information and personal choice and provide transparent and secure ways to help you collect and manage your data and artificial intelligence. We implement multiple data protection measures and comply with state-of-the-art health privacy regulations.

Yesil Health is at the forefront of privacy-protecting solutions in digital healthcare. We develop and implement a technology toolset, including anonymity and encryption.

Backed by science

We believe that health is not just related to what you eat or what you do, but it is related to everything that affects human life. That is why we built Yesil Health, the only digital health assistant which looks holistically to your health.

Our team of medical experts has PhDs and master’s degrees in psychology, neuroscience, and digital health. We make scientific discoveries about all aspects of behavior change, making the world a healthier place..

Our research spans many different areas of health, including internal medicine, diabetes prevention, hypertension, emergency, and more.

Yesil Health Medical Team

Our medical team makes sure that the information Yesil Health offers is correct, up-to-date, and safe. For example, they check that nothing important has been left out. Everyone on the team has a medical degree.

We can’t replace your doctor

Yesil Health can’t diagnose you – only a professional can do that. What our app can do is use your symptoms to work out what may be causing them, suggest what you should do next, and which department you should go to.

Powered by AI

We want to put an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on Earth. And to do that, we’re combining human expertise with the power of technology. We built a suite of tools, designed around a doctor’s brain, using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s what makes us so different from other healthcare providers.

AI is a transformational force in healthcare. It helps medical professionals work faster, see more patients, and make decisions based on user-inputted information. It helps patients address symptoms, get faster information about conditions, and proceed to treatment sooner.