Determine – Plan – Reach Exceed your potential! Be different to be seen Types of career skills References 0–Skills Deneme Carving out a career for oneself is one of the keys for a better life. With the increase in the human population, the competitive environment has also increased. Developing your career skills will help you …

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Effective teamwork Teamwork dynamics Teamwork processes Advantages & Disadvantages References Approximately 75% of the employees reported that they consider collaboration and teamwork important. Teamwork is the joint effort of a group of at least two or more members to achieve a common goal or complete a task in the most effective and efficient way.  Two …

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Time Management

Benefits of time management Effects of poor time management How to improve? Time management is a method of consciously controlling the time spent on certain activities in order to increase productivity and efficiency. It can be supported by a variety of skills, tools, and techniques, including planning, allocation, goal setting, time analysis and prioritization. Benefits …

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